Identity Week Announcement

Identity Week 2023

Amid increasing counts of data breach incidents, growth of fake digital certificates, and rise of data tampering, it’s important to leverage distributed ledger technology. ProofEasy promises to deliver this and is coming to the Identity Week 2023 Exhibition on 7th and 8th November, 2023. Come visit us at Level 3, Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore to understand how our patented blockchain and QR code-based solution can help you and your business.

Why Visit ProofEasy at the Identity Week Exhibition?

The fake certificates industry is growing at a rapid pace and bad actors are leaving no stone unturned to breach a business’s IT infrastructure and steal sensitive data or corrupt it.

With tamper-proof data being the need of the hour, ProofEasy is pioneering the way to a decentralized future that will make it impossible for bad actors to easily breach the security measures in place and alter or steal sensitive data for their personal gain.

That being said, there are several reasons why you should choose ProofEasy, including:

  • ProofEasy capitalizes on decentralized identity and makes it impossible for anyone—authorized or unauthorized—to change a document’s content after it’s stored on the blockchain. It uses public-key cryptography and places the unique hash value on the public ledger so you can confidently bid document fraud and unwarranted tampering goodbye.
  • It also offers a secure environment to share and receive documents without you having to invest in an expensive or enterprise-level software.
  • Unique QR codes on each secured document makes data verification and authentication extremely easy. The code can be scanned using any competent scanning app like Google Lens.
  • Moreover, your original documents will always be intact. So you can always compare the latest document version to that to ensure if the document has been tampered with or if authorized individuals have edited it.
  • There’s no third party involved, so you have complete control over your documents.
  • Further, you can get rid of lengthy and expensive paper trails that you can’t seem to organize or spend a lot of time and effort maintaining. Better yet, you can reduce the amount of paper you generate every year and improve your carbon footprint, making your business environment-friendly.
  • ProofEasy is budget-friendly and its customizable API layer ensures you don’t have to overhaul your existing IT infrastructure. It’s extremely intuitive and user-friendly, removing the need for formal training.

Wondering what industries does ProofEasy support? Or what type of businesses it’s best suited to?

Well, ProofEasy is a state-of-the-art solution that can be used by businesses across industries, no matter their size and niche. Some examples include finance, healthcare, shipping, education, legal, real estate, food and beverage, insurance, and HR and payroll.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore on 7th and 8th November for a chance to speak with our in-house expert Aliasgar Abbas and pave the way for a better, decentralized, and secure future. We’ll be waiting for you at stand S13 on Level 3 at the Identity Week Asia 2023 Exhibitor Portal.