Is Protecting Your Data with Blockchain Solutions a Good Idea?

e-certificate blockchain verification

Instances are there where the authenticity of data and documents is crucial. Data is of immense importance when you speak of businesses, institutions, government agencies, or any other organization. These organizations include intellectual property assets, property registry documents, contracts, medical files, chain-of-evidence documents, proper security camera footage, archived documents subject to audit, and different vital data and sensitive documents.


With document or e-certificate blockchain verification, you can be definite that your data and document are secure. Blockchain makes things easier yet tamperproof. This post unfolds how blockchain technology protects your data.


Blockchain is Decentralized

Rather than uploading data to a cloud server or saving it in a single location, Blockchain divides everything into small chunks and distributes them throughout the entire network of computers. This digital ledger of transactions does not have a central control point, and every computer or node includes a complete copy of the ledger. Hence, going down one or even two nodes may not lead to data loss.


Such a thing removes the middle man, which means you do not have to engage a third party to process any transaction. You don’t need to trust a service provider or vendor once you can depend on a decentralized, efficient, and immutable ledger.


Get Encryption and Validation

Everything that takes place on the Blockchain is encrypted, and you can prove that nobody has altered the data. Since Blockchain is distributed, you can check document signatures across all the ledgers on each node in the network and confirm that no one has changed it. If anyone has tampered with the data, the signature stands invalid.


For example, if you run an educational institution and find it hard to validate documents like certificates, Blockchain makes it easy. You can instantly ensure educational certificate verification with blockchain-based secure QR codes. Once you have put the blockchain QR code on the certificate at the time of issuing it, you can be definite that the concerned person can scan it to verify it. The moment they check the QR code, it verifies the data only if the hash value of the QR code matches with the hash value in the QR code on the blockchain network. Hence, there is ease, efficiency, and effectiveness in the verification of all documents with Blockchain.


Other than this, you can even use smart contracts in the Blockchain to promise that specific validation takes place only on fulfilling certain conditions every time. Once there is any change in data, ledgers on all nodes in the blockchain network authorize that the change is done successfully.


The Bottom Line 

Nothing is impossible to hack. However, Blockchain appears to be a technology closest to utmost security. Blockchain solutions like certificates validation QR code are undoubtedly an excellent way to ensure data protection, and Blockchain is not a temporary solution when you talk about data security. Once you try Blockchain, you will find it a highly suitable and perfect option for your organization. Know how you can make the most of ideal blockchain solutions with ProofEasy.