Tamper Proof Your Documents with Blockchain Technology

The accord algorithm of blockchains makes it virtually impossible to change any document once it gets stored in the blockchain. A blockchain algorithm is an intricate mechanism that promises that the data captured on all the nodes in the blockchain network (the participating servers or computers that store a copy of the blockchain ledger) stays uniform.

The documents stored on each node and their order are the same across all the nodes in the network. Hence, with blockchain technology, you can ensure tamper proof documents and data. It is because once you have written a data or document in a blockchain, it is virtually unchallengeable. Nobody can modify it as long as the blockchain network stays unaffected. On alteration of the recorded data or document on any nodes, the consensus algorithm averts the altered data from getting written to the other.

Increasing Requirement for Tamperproof Data & Documents

One of the disadvantages of digital transformation has been the growth in data theft. Government and business documents become the victim of cyber hackers, and document and database hacks can expose names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, confidential profiles, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and more.

Actually, documents are in the middle of many organizational processes, making procedures traceable and accountable. However, by default, the records are not safe against manipulation. It means anybody having access to a document can modify or alter it, and it will be tough to reconstruct the original document. Indeed, often an attacker performs document fraud in such an inconsequential manner.

You can use blockchain-based security to guard all your documents against fraud or hacking. For example, if you are an educational institution, you can ensure educational certificate verification by scanning the QR code on the certificate or document. The blockchain-based QR code has a unique hash value. Once anyone scans the document, they get access to the authentic data only if the QR code’s hash value matches the value on the blockchain network. Hence, it ensures that all your documents are tamperproof.

Document & Certificates Integrity

Blockchain-based document protection ensures complete document integrity by forming a hash of every document version. This hash ensures that nobody can manipulate the versions without leaving signs. The storage of all the hashes is on private or public blockchain networks; hence, no one can manipulate or delete them. They are always available for you to verify them at any time. Just scan the secure QR code, and the document unfolds.


Each version of the document stays time stamped. Since every hash is time-stamped, your organization or institution can keep track of the precise moment when anyone has altered a specific document. If any alterations happen to the document, stakeholders with access to the version control panel can witness this as a separate time stamp.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain solutions are there for internal and independent confirmation of the integrity of the documents, and these practically remove any document scam that includes tampering with document contents. Hence, your organization can stay at peace with blockchain document security solutions. Find out more about how you can tamper proof your documents with ProofEasy.