How ProofEasy’s custom integration can help your business use case?

Uses of Blockchain Integration in Business

What is Custom Integration?

Custom Integration is a process that uses customized integration software to integrate existing platforms with third-party apps or software. This allows them to access the platform and share information and data among the team members. It helps businesses integrate their website, applications, and systems as per their unique needs.

API integration on the other hand allows organizations to share and integrate important data across platforms without having to manually transfer it. Many high-performing firms rely on API interfaces to keep their data synchronized, to increase productivity, and to boost revenue.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that connects two or more software allowing them to talk to each other without having to interact with the user. An interface can be understood as a point of entry into the system. Let us take an example. Suppose, you book a hotel online from a website and make payment using your credit card, the confirmation of booking is directly sent by the website to the application responsible for processing the payment. Similarly, when you look for a hotel online, the website has information about multiple hotels. The website is using an API to integrate all the different websites and applications to communicate with them and automate the process. Businesses use this interface to establish secure connections between different software and automate the process of data integration.

How does ProofEasy’s Custom Integration work?

ProofEasy’s platform consists of versatile APIs that can be moulded as per the needs and requirements of your business.

Not every business need can be catered to by a single interface as different businesses have distinct needs. Advanced solutions are required to address these distinct business needs.

If you do not want to store your ProofEasy secured documents on the ProofEasy platform, and instead, store them on your server, ProofEasy’s custom integration comes to your rescue. ProofEasy provides you with the option to integrate your existing cloud infrastructure with the ProofEasy platform using different APIs available and store your secured documents on your server without having to transfer any data.

There are a wide range of API’s available on the Proofeasy platform. From amongst these APIs available, you can choose the ones relevant to your business. You can also secure your documents using the unique blockchain and QR code technology solution of ProofEasy and make them tamper-proof within your cloud storage. ProofEasy’s custom integration solution provides you with a seamless and direct solution to secure your documents using a wide range of APIs available.

Why should you use ProofEasy’s Custom Integration?

Documentation is an integral part of any business and it needs to be secured to save your business from fraud. Depending on the type of business, it is not always a great idea to transfer your documents to different cloud storages. Using custom integration can help the businesses to a great extent in maintaining adequate control over the document access, ensure better security of the documents, and also improve the brand value of the business. Given below are the reasons why you should make the switch to ProofEasy:

Having Control over your Documents

ProofEasy’s unique solution of allowing integration across your existing cloud storage and the platform makes it easier for you to have control over the access of your documents. Custom Integration makes the process of integration more secure as you don’t have to transfer the documents or store them on the ProofEasy platform. You can simply get your documents secured within your existing storage platform. Proofeasy also allows integration of its accessible and verifiable features within your existing business processes and workflows. It also helps you avoid vendor lock-ins and keep the verification process on cloud, premise, or hybrid. It is a great way to secure your documents using the unique blockchain and QR code technology while exercising better control over its access options.

Ensuring greater security for your data

Uploading your documents on a third-party platform can make you lose control over the security of your important documents. Document tampering can lead to large-scale losses for businesses. With ProofEasy’s custom integration solution, you can now store your data in ProofEasy’s storage. You can also add an impenetrable layer of protection for your confidential data within your existing software. This saves you a lot of money as you do not have to make additional investments in the storage infrastructure.

Add new functionality to your app

The ProofEasy app provides you with the flexibility to add in-app verification features. It can be used to get alerts, and for promotional and other marketing activities. Using ProofEasy’s custom integration helps you secure your documents making them tamper-proof while ensuring their safe storage. This can help boost your brand value and increase the trust of your customers.


The outbreak of Covid has made more and more companies adopt the digital route of sharing documents which has made it integral to ensure the security of those documents. Moreover, the frauds related to documents are on the rise. In such times, ensuring the security of your business documents is a major concern. However, the needs and requirements of each industry are unique and different.

The idea of Custom integration is based on addressing the unique needs of every business. ProofEasy’s custom integration provides you with the flexibility to choose from the multiple APIs available on the platform as per your business needs. You don’t need to incur heavy investments for getting an API developed. You can secure your documents from within your existing cloud system without having to transfer the documents on the ProofEasy platform. This ensures greater security for your documents and better control over the access options for your confidential data.