Do Authentication of Educational Certificates with QR Codes

Do Authentication of Educational Certificates with QR Codes

E-Learning is growing, and so is the worry about its authentication and protection. Covid-19 has overwhelmed the economy. This massive transition has also been seen in the education sector as Education has switched to online mode.

With this comes the digital danger. Moreover, certificate and degree counterfeiting are also on the constant rise. Digitalization is creating mayhem not just on certificate issuing institutes but also students.

If you use blockchain-based secure QR codes, they can ensure your certificates are tamperproof. You can make the most of QR code certificate verification and ensure that your documents are secure. Here, if a person needs to access the certificate, degree, or any other educational document, they have to scan the QR code to access it. If the secure QR code matches the QR code on the blockchain network, it will open it. These QR codes have unique hash values that should match. Hence it ensures immutableness.

Remember that a student needs a mobile scanner to validate the educational certificates. He can verify his document by scanning the QR code and accessing its genuineness. It even authenticates and verifies the authorization of the certificate or degree issuing body.

Importance of Authentication 

Control Certification Forging

Growing numbers of frauds in documents and Educational Certificates have increased the requirement for verification. QR codes are the finest possible certificate authentication solution to control forgery. They help you to ensure the genuineness of certificates.

Certificate Management

With the increasing threat of certificate counterfeiting, The reputation of certificate issuing bodies remains at stake. QR codes are necessary to authenticate all certificates as they protect and ease the entire procedure. QR code authentication possesses a two-layer procedure. There remains a scratch code in the second layer that informs the issuing body if anyone has done tampering with QR codes.

Track &Trace

Authentication is an essential part. The issuing body can effectively track and trace any educational document like degrees or certificates digitally. It is only possible if the authorities authenticate the certificate with a secure QR code. Similarly, digital validation is possible only through tech solutions. Manual tracking is not possible.Well, it is the document validation that keeps the certificate holders, awarding bodies, and third-party users informed. They can quickly access validation or expiry data just by a single scan.

Ensure Trust &Goodwill

For building your goodwill, verification is the main step. If you are issuing educational certificates, your reputation could be at risk. You cannot control certificate counterfeiting unless you go for a digital solution. A single forged certification can trigger disruption in your supply chain. Also, students and third-party end-users will begin to lose interest and trust in your credibility. Here, blockchain-based secure QR codes are the only powerful means to secure your brand name. These QR codes work as Armor against forged certifications.

The Bottom Line

With blockchain secure documents like educational certificates and degrees, you can ensure authentication. After all, secure QR codes have an established record of securing and validating digital or non-digital educational documentation. Learn more about secure QR codes with ProofEasy.