The Digitalization of Legal Services in the Age of Blockchain Technology

The Digitalization of Legal Services in the Age of Blockchain Technology

The legal services industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Still, this industry has been the slowest to adapt upcoming technologies to usher it into the 21st century.  While the industry has had to move its operations online to keep up with the modern world, it’s not without its dangers. The digitalization of legal services is being threatened by bad actors and cyberattacks. The primary concern being the sensitive and confidential documents would get compromised and affect its client’s privacy in the process.  However, an online certificate maker can be the solution to this industry’s problems.

How Can Blockchain Help the Digitalization of Legal Services?

The legal industry has to adopt online technology and move online not just to embrace today’s technology, but also to streamline its operations and make it easier to manage and keep track of the workload.

However, this digitalization isn’t as simple as moving all things online and embracing a robust IT infrastructure. Clever bad actors can hack into any system if there’s even a whiff of vulnerability and expose the business to expensive lawsuits. Not to forget the loss of goodwill in the market and the hard-earned trust of customers.

But the situation isn’t all bad. The legal services industry can move to documents digital and certify documents easily with the help of verifiable credentials—document certification has never been easier.

These credentials employ blockchain technology to secure the issued and stored documents. Simply put, they also use cryptography to secure the documents from bad actors and minimize instances of forgery and unwarranted edits. This will also keep document thieves away and ensure that a business’s sensitive documents remain so.

All you have to do is choose a trust-worthy platform and let it do the bulk of the work.

Why Trust ProofEasy to Issue a Verifiable Credential

But we understand how difficult it can be to find a platform that’s budget-friendly, easy to use, has no learning curve, and won’t compromise on your document’s security.  Plus, what if you have to share the document with your team members, clients, business partner, or more people without compromising the document’s security?

This is where ProofEasy comes in.

ProofEasy is a patented blockchain and QR code technology that allows you to upload your existing documents to the platform and store it on a blockchain network to secure it and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The customizable API layer ensures that you can integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure without incurring huge costs.

The QR code ensures document authentication becomes as hassle-free as possible since that’s one of the reasons people don’t verify a document’s authenticity. But that’s not all.

ProofEasy also empowers you to issue, share, and verify digital credentials instantly. You get to define the fields, customize the verifiable credentials, and share it per your convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the ProofEasy team today to digitize your business and secure all the documents.