Verifiable Credentials: How to Choose the Right Solution?

Verifiable Credentials

Digital credentials have emerged as the ideal solution for businesses and organizations focused on securing their sensitive documents.  Given the unprecedented growth of the fake certificates industry, it’s no wonder that businesses are pivoting to a digital certificate’s more secure and better alternative. However, after deciding that you want to pivot to verifiable credentials blockchain, you have to pick a solution that best suits your needs.

The only problem? The multitude of options available might make things more confusing for you and leave you with more questions than answers. That’s why, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you choose the right verifiable credentials solutions.

5 Things to Look For When Picking a Verifiable Credential Solution

While the options are mostly similar and will leave you scratching your head, there are some non-negotiable factors you must consider, including:

1. Ease of use

The biggest thing to consider is the solution’s ease of use. While the solution will employ blockchain technology to help you issue tamper-proof verifiable credentials, the platform must be incredibly simple to use. Simply put, the technical back-end should not bleed into the front-end and impede your functionality.

Moreover, it would be best if the solution does not involve a learning curve. This will help you save time and effort. It will also make it easier for you to begin using the solution at once without observing a long waiting period.

2. Security

The ease of use shouldn’t compromise with the security level. The credential verification services should employ the highest level of security to ensure your sensitive and confidential information remains so.

3. Verification and authentication

Verifying credentials should be as easy as checking the label on your favorite product. You don’t want your issued verifiable credential to make it difficult for a verifier to authenticate the information. You don’t want the digital credential to be another piece of relic like a regular digital certificate.

The authentication process should be smooth as butter and should happen instantly. For instance, ProofEasy’s patented QR code technology allows a verifier to verify the authenticity of the verifiable credential and determine if the credential is fake or not.

4. Customization options

A verifiable credential will be your digital identity, so ensure you prioritize customization when looking for a digital credential solution. For instance, ProofEasy allows you to customize the credential and define the fields that require personalization like the name of the holder.

ProofEasy’s customizable API layer also allows you to integrate the solution with your existing IT infrastructure. This prevents expensive overhauls and minimizes expensive overheads.

5. Budget-friendly

The solution must be budget-friendly. Admittedly, you will be accessing an innovative and unique solution, it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket or make you want to switch back to the regular online certificates to cut down unnecessary business costs.

While these factors might seem like a tall order for any one solution to fulfill, it’s not impossible. If you want these advantages without the added hassle of expensive commitments or subpar services, choose ProofEasy as your ultimate digital credential partner.