Ways to Scan QR Codes Reveal You to Security Threats

blockchain secure qr code

QR codes appear simple, but they can store lots of data. These codes allow the user to access information instantly. It is the reason they are known as a Quick Response code. And if you fear the security of QR codes, then you should consider blockchain secure qr code as they are immutable and safe.

A general QR code is a barcode that one can easily read by a digital device, and it stores information as a sequence of pixels in a square-shaped grid. QR codes track information related to products in a supply chain and for making payments. Most phones today have built-in QR scanners. You can access the data it has once you scan the QR code.

Threats Related to QR Codes

Attackers or hackers can embed spiteful URLs containing custom malware into a QR code that might exfiltrate data from a mobile device once scanned. It is even possible to implant a malicious URL into a QR code that leads to a phishing website, where unsuspecting users may disclose personal or financial data.

Since being a human being, you cannot read the QR code; attackers can easily alter a QR code to point to an alternative resource without getting detected. Though many of you know that QR codes can open a URL, you may be less aware of the other actions that QR codes may start on a user’s device. Apart from opening a website, these actions may include adding contacts or composing emails. This thing may make QR code security threats tricky.

Working of QR codes 

The patterns on QR codes represent binary codes that can get interpreted to reveal the data of the code. A QR reader can recognize a standard QR code based on the three huge squares outside the QR code. When it has recognized these three shapes, it knows that everything within the square is a QR code.

The QR reader then evaluates the QR code by breaking the entire thing down into a grid. It looks at the separate grid squares and assigns each one a value based on whether it is white or black. It follows groups of grid squares to develop larger patterns.

Blockchain Based QR Codes are Safe 

Many people are intimidated by the threats of standard QR codes. They feel if they scan the QR code to access the data or make the payment, they may become a victim of hackers. If you feel that way, think about blockchain-based QR codes. Many financial, educational, medical and other institutions use blockchain-based QR codes to ensure that the data on the code is safe and nobody can hack it.

The unique hash technology of blockchain QR codes makes it challenging to hack the system as they would require numerous computers to mess with the data. These hash values are like fingerprints and DNAs often present in a document or file. Hence, no two hash values can ever be similar. People can scan a document authentication QR code to access the data safely. They can safely scan the QR code, and it will not take them to any harmful website.

The Bottom Line 

With the increase in QR Code exploits, both the users and enterprises offering contactless payment options must take crucial steps. Users should stay informed about the threats, and enterprises must have best security practices like blockchain-based hash value in the QR code to ensure the codes are safe. Know more about blockchain QR codes at ProofEasy and introduce them in your business/institution.