How ProofEasy Can Prevent Supply Chain Fraud With Verifiable Credentials and Blockchain

Prevent Supply Chain Fraud With Verifiable Credentials and Blockchain

Supply chain is the backbone of industries worldwide. It isn’t just necessary for transporting essentials like food, beverages, and medicines. It also plays an important role in transporting non-essential items like christmas trees, makeup, toys, and the like. But this sector is bogged down by lack of transparency and fraud. While these may seem insurmountable, these problems can be easily solved through a mechanism to verify credentials. Wondering who and how? Well, ProofEasy holds the key to solving supply chain frauds with verifiable credentials and blockchain.

What are Verifiable Credentials?

Verifiable credentials are a digital copy of physical certificates or are issued fresh. While this definition might remind you of digital certificates, verifiable credentials are far superior. For starters, they are hosted on blockchain and are secure and transparent.

Moreover, these credentials can only be issued by authorized organizations who follow the rules and guidelines laid down in the Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The guidelines state that it’s essential for these credentials to be machine-verifiable, tamper-proof, and employ privacy-enhancing technologies like DIDs (decentralized identifiers).

The best part, though? Verifiable credentials blockchain can be employed by any industry, including supply chain to get rid of certificate fraud and usher in transparency.

Why Choose ProofEasy?

ProofEasy is a blockchain-based platform that offers credential verification services to businesses around the globe. This solution is best known for its ease of use, simplicity, and intuitive model. Want to know how ProofEasy can prevent supply chain fraud with verifiable credentials? Let’s find out.

  • Define verifiable credentials template and fields: ProofEasy is a customizable platform that allows users to define their template, field placement, and unique QR code position after they sign up, so they can customize the verifiable credential. This serves a dual purpose. One, the company can keep its certificate design and theme uniform. Two, it gives the entity complete control over the credentials and lets it define the details.
  • Hassle-free data file upload: After you define the template, you can upload the file you want the data to be extracted from automatically. For instance, if you want to customize the name and department data fields, all you need to do is upload a file containing these details to the platform.
  • Sit back and relax: After you’re done, the platform will take care of everything. It’ll issue the verifiable credentials automatically and secure them on a patented blockchain network. You can directly share, edit, and copy the link from your dashboard. You can even manage your verifiable credentials through the platform and forget worrying about document management. Better yet, anyone can scan and verify the authenticity of the document instantly through the embedded QR code in the certificates.

Wondering if this solution will burn a hole in your pocket? No, this is a budget-friendly solution that is easily affordable! ProofEasy was designed by blockchain pioneers and enthusiasts who want to eliminate fraud and stay a step ahead of fraudsters at every turn. So, don’t wait any longer. Sign up on ProofEasy today to begin your verifiable credential journey!