How Can Your Institution Benefit From Digital Credentials


Digital certificates are the need of the hour. The new normal and the penetration of the Internet has made it necessary for the institutions to issue digital certificates. But this move has several drawbacks like fake certificates, cybercrimes, and duplicacy making it difficult for institutions to adopt digital certificates in earnest. However, verifiable credentials can be the solution. But what is a digital certificate with the power of blockchain? And how can it be the solution the world deserves?

What are Blockchain-backed Digital Certificates?

Blockchain-backed digital certificates or verifiable credentials are the digital equivalent of physical certificates, but they can be issued from scratch itself. But these are susceptible to forgery and bad actors take advantage of these for personal gain.

This is where blockchain-backed digital certificates come in.

Blockchain-based digital certificates are hosted on the blockchain and feature several of its features like tamper-proof, transparency, and trustless.  Moreover, for a certificate to be considered a digital certificate on blockchain, it must comply with the standards and rules set down in the Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) after much deliberation.

Most importantly, any digital certificate backed by blockchain should meet the following three requirements:

● It should be secured cryptographically and must be immutable or tamper-proof.
● It must be verifiable by machines.
● It should employ privacy-enhancing technologies like DIDs (decentralized identifiers).

Since these certificates are hosted on blockchain, they are secure, immutable, trustless, and transparent blockchain technology, they make it easy and secure to authenticate the data stored in the document.

3 Reasons Why Your Institution Can Benefit From Digital Certificates

1. Efficient Issuance and Verification of Digital Certificates
The digital certificate drive became popular during the pandemic when the whole world went digital and more and more people enrolled in digital classes and courses. This allowed institutions to issue digital certificates.

Moreover, they are hosted on the blockchain, so they are tamper-proof and can not be duplicated. Additionally, digital credentials are machine verifiable, so they take seconds to be authenticated and help communicate the data stored without any unnecessary delays.

2. Verifiable Digital Degrees
Digital certificates can be employed by educational institutions to verify the merits and educational qualifications of each student. Digital certificates will also streamline the verification process and communicate the data stored instantly.

3. Robust Record Management
Manual filing of physical or digital documents will be a thing of the past. Since documents once saved on a blockchain network can’t be deleted, there’s no probability of the issued certificates being lost or deleted.

This is where ProofEasy comes in. ProofEasy leverages blockchain technology to help you issue all your digital signature certificates. Moreover, institutions across the globe can integrate this solution given ProofEasy customizable API layer without overhauling their existing systems. Moreover, ProofEasy is budget-friendly and is extremely intuitive.

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