How ProofEasy’s out-of-the-box approach to data integrity will benefit you

Blockchain Ensures Data Integrity


With the pool of business overflowing with big data, 2020 reports revealed appalling statistics of incessant cybercrime attacks.
These reports demonstrated how a hacking attack is performed every 39 seconds. In comparison to any other crime, cybercriminals made a whopping amount of $600 billion in 2018. And through these malware attacks, hackers pry and snitch 75 data records per second.
This meddling by hackers can result in misplaced, incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccurate data. Ergo, businesses must go that extra mile to achieve data integrity to achieve better quality insights and excel in the market.

Importance of data integrity in business:

  • Why should companies employ Data Integrity?
    Businesses often fail when they misinterpret data integrity. It’s neither data security nor data quality but the maintenance of data, its storage, accuracy, and accumulation. Moreover, the product’s effectiveness, potential, and safety; all rely on data integrity.
    Without it, businesses have witnessed design failures and the biggest flops of the industry. And most importantly, the data originality is led astray. Hence, companies must focus on removing the in their data before compiling it into service errors .
  • Risks in Data Integrity
    Though data integrity may sound achievable, there exist many obstacles that affect database integrity:
    1. Damaged Hardware: Compromised computer devices or server crashes may result in minor faults to significant failures where access to data may be eliminated/limited for a while.
    2. Manual Error: Data integrity is jeopardized when information is entered incorrectly or deleted mistakenly from the database. The duplicity of data is also another cause of recurring errors.
    3. Viruses and bugs: As mentioned before, hackers have their hands on stealing or altering data each second. Phishing attacks, malware attacks are common ways hackers invade database systems.
    4. Data Transferring errors: These errors are likely to appear when a piece of data is available in the destination table but is missing from the source table. This halts the data transfer across various units in the relational database.
  • How is it essential for business staff?
    Fragmentary data can confuse the engineers, analysts, and other staff members, which would lead to inappropriate decisions for a product. As a result, the outcome would be unreliable to be released to the public. The discrepancies in data can only be removed when it is understandable to staff, and only then can the triangulation be achieved. Therefore, integrated data is crucial for the business staff.
  • Ways to ensure data integrity in the business database:
    1. Craft a detailed data management plan.
    2. Consistent verification and validation of data with adequate software tools.
    3. Backing up and logging of data to keep track of database entries.
    4. Restricting accessibility and visibility of data to only the authorized and trusted sources.
    5. Performing frequent internal audits and instilling error/ virus detection software, tools.

Benefits of ProofEasy's out-of-the-box approach to data integrity:

ProofEasy ensures every kind of data integrity with its out-of-the-box approach. Be it logical, referential, entity, physical, domanial, user-defined.

  • This ‘out-of-the-box approach is ProofEasy’s newly developed Blockchain technology to maintain data integrity through the following products:
    1. Intelligent and connected business portal: ProofEasy performs custom integration with versatile APIs and embedding them in your business platform.
    2. VeriDoc SCM: This product builds a resilient way for your business to track supply chains’ data. Removes any gaps in the distribution network and improves traceability of data records.
    3. VeriDoc HR: This is a time-sheet management tool that tracks the activities of the employees on campus. Create tamper-proof sheets and dashboards that analyze ghost employees or the ones involved in time theft.
    4. QR Technology: This technology is most effective for real-time scanning of QR Codes. Using hash value functions, it encrypts public-key cryptography and makes it unalterable.
  • Industries that benefit through this approach by ProofEasy are:
    1. Real Estate: Established interface for agents to receive and transfer documents in a secure environment.
    2. Financial Institutions: Mortgage Payments, contracts, and other forms can be shared with just a click without any in-person meeting.
    3. Wills and Estate: ProofEasy furnishes a way for you to safeguard your will even after you are gone and makes sure nobody tampers with it.
    4. Legal and Contractual: This solution lets you organize your files in order with a centralized database with the help of unique identifiers for every case.

ProofEasy’s Blockchain Solution is the perfect combination of hash technologies and a blockchain approach to data integrity. It is a secure way to administer the database system for organizations of all sizes. It verifies and validates all the documents to share their authentic proof of existence with global security, encrypted hashing, and safe transfer between parties.

In line with many reports, Blockchain solutions are forecasted to reach worldwide spending of $11.7 billion. This clearly states that blockchain-powered projects hold all the power and efficacy for a better path to data integrity, security, and quality.

Therefore, it’s wise of ProofEasy to make Blockchain impacted projects and database systems a priority. This helps many businesses, even the new ones, to create a strengthened foundation for customer services. This approach also assists in safeguarding the cloud data of an enterprise. And it is best suited for all types of devices: large servers, android, and even iPhone.


ProofEasy provides its unconventional Blockchain Technology to numerous industries. This helps companies gain the trust of their customers with a decentralized database. This approach also depletes any chance of external theft or fraud that may destroy even the tiniest of aspects.

Product Failures and ruined verification become things of the past, and immutability becomes the top-notch factor. This all is achieved with great cynosure to keep originality intact and render trusted reference points.
It’s time for your business to render out-of-the-box services with this unorthodox yet potent approach.