How Does Merging Education and Blockchain Help?

blockchain-secure documents

The education sector faces challenges that have been taking it down for years. It includes inefficient paper-based record-keeping processes, poor student and teacher accountability, lack of transparency, no real motivation for students to learn and do well in class, and absence of trust in educational merits and academic degrees because of forgery. But now, blockchain is showing the capability to impact the education sector and address these challenges. The technology is all set to promise tangible solutions.

Blockchain in the education system conveniently secures a varied amount of educational data. You would agree that student records are endless. With blockchain technology, you can store resources like attendance, courses, grades, and coursework. 

Since these will be blockchain-secure documents, nobody can delete them. Thus, these documents contribute to data security by staying immutable. Moreover, with blockchain,  documents become students’ property, not educational institutions. Therefore, nobody can tamper with a record once the blockchain has recorded it.  Even if a record contains an error, a new record should need an addition to correct the issue and  both the right and wrong records will be visible. Hence, the use of blockchain has already started showing its positive impact on the storage and security of confidential educational documents.

Blockchain is Introducing Ease

Blockchain technology promises a more efficient, safe, and transparent way of managing data and transactions. It might save a massive amount of administration, effort, bureaucracy, and time. Furthermore, individual educational institutions, groups of educational institutions, and national and international educational bodies can implement blockchain. Anyone looking forward to securely storing credits, badges, and qualifications and who wants to share valuable educational data with others can consider making the most of blockchain technology.

Improved and Transparent Record-Keeping

With the use of immutable blockchain storage, the school’s office of the registrar requires to create a student record just once. Then, it becomes accessible to all the participants in the educational system, and they can share it between institutions. Every assignment, task, participation in school, and extracurricular activity are there in the digital record of the students as blocks. These blocks will be visible in the student’s profile. Thus, teachers, counsellors, professionals, and school administrators have a bird’s-eye view of the progress of all their students.

Other than maintaining student records, the blockchain system has already started supervising and facilitating the authorization of schools, colleges, and universities. Furthermore, it protects intellectual property rights and removes the fabrication of diplomas and transcripts. In addition, one can easily access and quickly transfer blockchain-based educational records to other institutions and organizations, including potential employers.

All a student need to do is share a link or a QR code to provide access to their profile. For example, you can use electronic document secure QR codes and ensure authenticity and security. If anyone wants to access the data or validate the record, they need to scan the blockchain secure QR code. If the QR code matches the QR code on the blockchain network, only then can the document be accessed. These QR codes include a unique hash value that nobody can tamper. This system ensures the complete authenticity of credentials and student records because the blockchain network stores the entire history of changes with signatures.

The Bottom Line

The education sector is where development and growth take their roots. Hence, this sector should be the most advanced, and educationalists must continually look for innovation. Blockchain has already started making a positive impact, and there is an expectation that it can substantially impact education institutions. If you are not using Blockchain solutions for your educational institution already, get started with ProofEasy.