Tackling Fake Certificates with Blockchain

blockchain secure QR code

Can you trust any documents you come across in contemporary times? How do you know if the document is real or fake? Unfortunately, one can easily access forgery software to manipulate a document like a certificate. For example, you can easily get forged diplomas from any university or college on the internet with just a couple of taps. You can get them in both paper and digital versions by spending a few pennies!


It establishes uncertainty for employers and brings doubt to an applicant’s capability. Moreover, it is so unfair to students and candidates who spend time, effort and give money to earn their degrees fairly. Different corporations faced restricted resources to confirm a job candidate’s certificate legitimacy. The employer risks recruiting somebody who has false qualifications. In some jobs, it may mean a life-and-death-condition consideration like the qualification of doctors.


Take Things in Your Hand 

Education institutions and organizations can take it into their hands to combat diploma and certificate fraud and ensure that just the rightful students get the recognition and honour for their efforts. One solution that can help you with this right away is blockchain secure QR code. Once you use a blockchain-based secure QR code, one can easily validate the document. For example, if you scan a QR code on a document through your mobile phone, the document hash inside the QR code on the blockchain network. If the code’s unique hash value matches, the document will reveal it for you. Hence, you can be sure that the certificate, diploma or document you are looking at is authentic.


Well, cryptocurrencies have garnered a lot of attention since the launch of Bitcoin in the year 2009 based on Blockchain technology. Speaking of Blockchain, a decentralized Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) came into existence to support the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But keeping in mind its security potential, it is making its way in multiple industries. In all the perspectives of understanding the ability of Blockchain technology, the security qualities of Blockchain stand out.


Genuine Certificates and Diplomas

One can issue and store diplomas and credentials for students on the blockchain network. Employers will only need a QR code or a link to a digital diploma to verify. They would not need to ask the institution that issued the diploma or certificate to certify a paper copy. It averts people from submitting fake degrees to possible employers.


The point is students cannot change their academic credentials. They cannot alter their grades, certificates, or degrees using Blockchain. It assures employers that job candidates have the essential skills for the job. Employers can find better matches for the designations that job seekers have applied.


The Bottom Line 

With Blockchain applications, you could effectively cease fake certificates. Blockchain is furthering the end of a paper-based certificate system. Educational organizations can issue any certificate in a permanent and tamper-proof manner. Similarly, many companies such as ProofEasy continue to refine blockchain solutions for the best results. Try out an electronic document secure QR code solution, and you will experience no more certificate forgery in your educational institution.