How is the Face of Document Security Transforming?

Tamper-proof Document Security

It is more crucial than ever for your clients to trust your brand or company. More and more customers are demanding that the suppliers they work with are secure. Hence, document safety is turning out to be a necessity for a business.

Your business documents get shared in various places, like across emails, the cloud network, USBs, and more. All of these ways are vulnerable to attack. It is the reason why the face of document security is changing now.  After all, in this cloud-connected world, document protection is more crucial than ever before. A single breach in the document security and you will see your company and customers in serious consequences.

Document Safety Industry is Constantly Changing

If you compare the current-day document safety industry with the traditional security industry, you would see that it has come a long way. The concern about document protection has always been there right from the printing press time, but companies have still not been doing much to deal with this problem.

Though tampering of documents and fake documentation has always been there,  new challenges have arisen with growing technology. Especially after this Covid19 pandemic, all sorts of documents have been digitized, and hence, they are under threat more than ever. After all, electronic files and documents are now dominating workplace credentials and communication significantly.

The fight against attacks on documents is a reality that companies are facing across nearly all business sectors. Finance, IT, real estate, HR, and healthcare, among others, have already all been influenced by the threat of theft of unprotected documents and their data.

Mostly, electronic documents get stored internally by businesses and saved onto vulnerable servers or hard disks. And these are nearly freely accessible to employees and easy for outside individuals or groups to hack. Not to forget that electronic papers and documents often lost security when they get printed physically. For many businesses, trying to safely convert physical documents to digital format is a challenge. Since that is the case, companies today have started introducing security measures to protect their documents. Usage of blockchain-based QR codes is emerging and spreading across the industries.

How is Secure QR Code Paving a Path Towards a Secure Documentation?

With a secure QR code, a combined solution for both electronic and physical documents is possible.  Hence there is no need for panicking when both electronic and physical documents have a QR code. Here, blockchain-based QR codes have evolved to guard documents across industries as well as geographies electronically.

Once you have QR codes embedded into your documents, you can be sure that nobody can tamper with or alter the information in the document. Even if anyone tries, the concerned people will get to know about it.  For example, secure QR  codes like Proofeasy QR Codes are advanced and different from general QR Codes. These QR codes are based on dynamic Blockchain technology. It makes the documents absolute, self-expandable, incorruptible, and self-palatable, without gaps or chances of failure.

There is a usage of a unique hash technology in the blockchain-based QR codes that makes it challenging for anyone to tamper the documents as the forger would need different computers to manipulate or modify the document data. The hash values are powerful and future-proof, just like the DNA or fingerprints placed in a document. Hence, one can never find two hash values the same.

Working of Secure QR Codes 

With a blockchain-based QR code, you insert a hash value embedded onto the documents or files as a secure QR code.  If anyone uses a QR code reader to check the document, the system evaluates the hash value mentioned in the QR code and compares it with the hash value on the blockchain network.  This way you ensure that the document is guarded. So, if anyone tries to steal the data or make any changes in the documents,  the unique hash value would not match, and their attempt would be futile.

The Bottom Line

Many companies are already taking baby steps towards the concept of blockchain-based secure QR Codes.  Truth be told, document safety industry has come a long path.  With the right guidance and proper implementation of blockchain-based QR codes, you can make your documents a hundred percent secure. If you are keen to try it but intimidated by this secure QR technology, talk to us at Proofeasy, and we will guide you through making your documents tamper-proof.