Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) Joins Forces with ProofEasy to Provide a Safe & Secure Blockchain Solution for the Global Food Industry

Posted on 29-09-2023

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2023 / Safe and secure documentation is at the heart of making safe food for consumers, which is why Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) and ProofEasy have joined forces to offer professionals worldwide the chance to try groundbreaking document verification software for free.

“Our collaboration provides an opportunity for GFSR to not only educate food professionals about blockchain, but also give them a chance to try the product with a free trial as part of our subscriptions,” said Tina Brillinger, CEO and President, GFSR. With an increasing emphasis on blockchain to validate and verify documents within the food industry, we are pleased announce this strategic partnership.

ProofEasy, powered by VeriDoc Global, is a decentralized blockchain application that helps food companies ensure their documents are safe and secure, minimizing their risk to hackers and tampering. ProofEasy ensures documents remain tamper-proof and secure with patented blockchain technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with GFSR in our shared mission to ensure the highest levels of food safety worldwide,” said Ali Abbas, CEO, ProofEasy. “By combining ProofEasy’s advanced software capabilities with GFSR’s vast knowledge base and global reach, we’ll equip food businesses with the tools and insights they need to maintain the highest standards of food safety, protect consumers, and build trust in their products.”

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The food industry has been slow to adopt blockchain technology for a variety of reasons, including capital costs. But as more food companies are hacked, security risks have become all too real.

“This is a ‘no-brainer,'” Brillinger said. “it takes only minutes to set up and requires no formal technological expertise or hardware investment. This collaboration means that the millions of professionals who rely on our platforms can now simply and securely manage documentation This is the most affordable blockchain solution I’ve seen.”

GFSR is now offering a free one-month trial to ProofEasy for all its new subscribers and a one-year free trial to Premium Subscribers valued at $600 USD.

“Now is the time to consider adopting this technology for continuous improvement of your food safety systems and to minimize your overall profile risk,” Brillinger said.

Together, GFSR and ProofEasy are offering innovative solutions to inspire greater confidence in the safety of food products worldwide.

For more information about Global Food Safety Resource and Proof Easy please visit their respective websites at Global Food Safety Resource and ProofEasy

About ProofEasy:

ProofEasy provides and innovative way to secure, share and verify documents using patented blockchain technology to enhance your food safety security while reducing companies risks of tampering. Through it decentralized application, ProofEasy requires no hardware making it both a secure and affordable solution for the global food industry.

About Global Food Safety Resource:

Global Food Safety Resource (GFSR) is a trusted platform dedicated to advancing food safety practices worldwide. With its extensive network of experts and industry partners working with us to develop and share content through our omni-channel platforms, GFSR provides invaluable insights, resources, and tools to help food safety professionals navigate the complexities of global regulations, standards, industry trends, and best practices.

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