5 ways Proof Easy provides a reliable reference point for verification

stress-free verification process

Introduction- Why is verification necessary in an enterprise?

Verification is an internal procedure that substantiates the accuracy and validity of documents, system infrastructure, customer information, etc., for an enterprise. It is a prominent and integral part of the quality management system. For instance, ISO 9000, verification of computer simulation models, change control, etc.

This is broadly effectuated across industries relating to software and computer systems, food hygiene, civil engineering, real estate, accounting and various other institutions to help their own set of regulations and specifications.

Since the enterprises in these sectors rule a billion customers, they also become prey to credential thefts, payment frauds, cyber hiccups. This, in turn, endangers the credentials of customers and depletes the functioning ability of businesses. Ergo, verification process such as reviews, walkthroughs and inspection of internal units ensures their quality, design and security.

Describing different reference points for verification needed in an organisation

What is a reference point?
In general, a ‘reference point’ is equivalent to a ‘frame of reference’ that bear witness to a businesses’ market manoeuvres. As this in succession depicts if the company would be an ultimate failure or success.

For instance, while considering directions for a specific destination, a particular landmark is deemed a reference. The same applies to businesses. To achieve a particular goal about security, system design, etc., respective reference points are to be gauged and completed.

Why is it needed in a business? What will happen without a reference point?
Reference Points hold a high priority value in businesses. They determine the target market of a particular business goal, compare rival brands/ products/services and alleviate distractions/extrinsic factors surrounding the company.

Without a reference point, a business may experience the following disadvantage:

  1. Increased uncertainty of product value.
  2. Inequality among multiple companies.
  3. Brands may not be able to achieve good sales figures.
  4. Less Revenue
  5. Increased employee retention
  6. Numerous thefts and breaches across data and security.
  7. Information leaks

How is verification procured with the help of a reference point?

According to a 2020 report, over 130 million Internet-borne threats were blocked globally, and over 7.7 million incidents  of server attack were reported.
The above statistics represent that though verification is a dreary process but obligatory that helps businesses stay in tune with the reality of the market scenario and cybercrime.

With the help of a reference point (i.e., certain citing and provisions), background checks are performed to identify and prevent identity thefts, criminal and terror intervention, data contravention. Other verifications are clarification of invoices for their funding, email verification to avoid phishing attacks, etc.
Moreover, reference point comes to the rescue of software applications’ development to ensure its safe/muscular build, reliability, etc.

This includes:

  1. High-level requirement walkthroughs, quality reviews.
  2. Inspection of critical files such as DLL prevents their removal, deletion or modification by an alienated source.
  3. Termination of troublesome third-party services, etc.

Five ways ProofEasy provides a reliable reference point for verification

Combination of blockchain and hash technologies for a secure, centralised database.
Businesses stay the course with the billion-dollar IoT industry backing up their resources and providing a cloud environment. However, as IoT devices connect multiple enterprises across the cloud, data and transactions’ security holds high significance.

To corroborate the system invulnerability, ProofEasy combines blockchain technology and hash functions to:

  1. Protect password and authenticate documents.
  2. Secure and encrypt the server traffic and prevent any file corruption.
  3. Establish a secure, centralised ecosystem without the existence of enterprise-level software.

Patented VeriDoc Global’s QR Code solution
ProofEasy gives you the benefit of an entrusted reference point with a QR code scanning solution’s assistance.

The reliable advantages of this scanning method are:

  1. Perform it in real-time for deleting the chances of any mortgage/land documents, birth certificates fraud, etc.
  2. Usage of the public-key cryptography method
  3. Applying a unique hash function.

Now you scan your document and validate it against the actual record once it gets displayed on the screen.

Immutable Blockchain Technology to block third party need
A traditional method such as verification by third party alliances has been found to impart tampering in contracts and deprived integrity.
But ProofEasy takes the responsibility of reviving your ecosystems and storing the documents with the irreversible blockchain method. The data of the enterprise is stored in secure blocks with respective timestamps. The visibility and accessibility of these data blocks are only for the administrators.

Secure Data transfer with a ProofEasy Mobile App
ProofEasy’s mobile app adds the following reference edges to your app:

  1. Boosted Brand Value.
  2. Facilitation of Custom-in application verification
  3. High alerts of unusual activity.
  4. Marketing Requirement Notifications.

Custom Integration
ProofEasy uses APIs and embeds/integrates their versatility as reference points to the enterprise’s existing cloud environment, which entails the seamless flow of documents within the system.

This integration governs legal, real estate, financial and bank-related contractual documents and eliminates counterfeit products. This also monitors document access controls. Moreover, it provides an edge for enough customisation of workflow and direct storage of data on your server.


As claimed by multiple sources, identity verification market revenue is predicted to grow from 4.93 billion in 2017 to more than 18 billion in 2027. Similarly, other verification areas are forecasted to increase with an approximate amount.
With ProofEasy’s trustworthy and adept reference points, businesses in any sector can save themselves from any verification harm and achieve the following:

  1. Immutable defence again any cyber threat.
  2. On-premise verification process with no additional infrastructure investments.
  3. Cloud/hybrid environments without the presence of vendor lock-ins.
  4. Integrated Platform API layers for greater control and security over data.

Now without any delay, secure your business and achieve its goals with stress-free verification processes and get ProofEasy’s assistance at every step.