The Utility of QR Codes for Small Businesses

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Increased globalization and enhancements in technology have opened up the world. This has also brought about more opportunity for small businesses, and with it, more competition. But how can small businesses reach more customers and gain an edge over their competitors? By using blockchain QR code generators.

How Can QR Codes Be Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Small businesses have access to limited resources and have to fight an uphill battle to grow and scale their business. Additionally, changing consumer demands and industry trends necessitate them to anticipate the market’s needs and strategize accordingly.

However, their limited budget makes it difficult for them to hire a full-blown team of specialists or gain access to premium SaaS tools to take their business to the next level.

Yet giving up on their dream to grow their business and becoming a household name is not an option for most small business owners. This is where QR codes come in.

QR, or quick response, codes are horizontal and vertical barcodes that contain important information. But what use are they to small businesses? Let’s find out.

● Document security: Though document security is often found at the bottom of the list of priorities for a small business, it’s a non-negotiable necessity for them. A document security QR code can help encrypt the business’s sensitive and confidential information, and prevents it from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

It’ll be even more beneficial if the QR code mechanism is backed by blockchain security, making the document tamper-proof and practically unhackable.

● Provide more information about the business: Strategically placing QR codes on your products’ packaging can take your customers to a mobile-friendly landing page where they can glean all related information about the product, its production process, the materials used in its packing as well as packaging. Bonus points if you favor environment-friendly practices to pack and produce your items.

This will endear you to your customers and prevent fraud items being sold under your brand name.

● Create interactive experiences: In this age where it’s becoming increasingly challenging to hold your customer’s attention span, creating interactive and immersive experiences for them can help you stand out from the crowd.

You can use QR codes to help you in your quest. Just place easily scannable, secure QR codes in your storefront or use social media to expand your reach. Through these QR codes, you can invite your customers to take part in a challenge, glimpse exclusive BTS (behind-the-scenes) content, get admitted to sitewide discounts early, and more.

● Collect customer feedback: What better way to improve your product or service than get unfiltered customer feedback? You can nudge your customers to scan QR codes and easily share their feedback about your offerings.

● Send invitations to loyalty programs: You can use QR codes to kickstart your loyalty program that would give your customers access to discounts and rewards.

While we’ve discussed only five uses, QR codes can help businesses of all sizes across industries to further their business goals. Wondering how to begin adding them to your product?

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